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Traditional Cedar or Spruce

Koumridis Traditional Instruments represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and innovation, drawing inspiration from the legendary Daniel Friedrich guitars. Our guitars are meticulously crafted with laminated double sides, designed to optimize energy transfer and enhance sound projection, resulting in a powerful and precise sound that will captivate audiences. Every detail of our instruments is carefully considered, from their clarity, sustain, and tone quality to their volume, projection, evenness, and balance, all working together seamlessly to deliver effortless sound production. With exceptional playability and stunning visual appeal, our guitars are the perfect choice for the most discerning musicians and collectors, whether performing in concert halls or recording studios. Experience the unparalleled sound and beauty of Koumridis Traditional Instruments, and discover why they are considered some of the finest instruments in the world.

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  • European Spruce or Western Red Cedar top

  • Carbon frame (optional)

  • Indian Rosewood back and sides

  • Elevated fingerboard

  • Arm rest

  • Spanish cedar neck, Ebony Fingerboard

  • Carbon bar neck reinforcement

  • Bridge : Indian Rosewood Tie block: 12-hole type

  • Finished with Shellac or oil on top,  Nitrocellulose Lacquer on back & sides.

  • Alessi handmade tuning machines

  • Soundport

  • Weighs approximately 1800 gr.​


  • Action height at 12th fret: 1st string – 2.9 mm 6th string – 3.8 mm;

  • Neck thickness: 1st fret – 21.5 mm ,9th fret – 23,5 mm

  • Total length: 99,8 cm

  • Body length: 48.4 cm

  • Body width – upper bout: 28 cm

  • Body width – waist: 23.9 cm

  • Body width – lower bout: 37.0 cm

  • Body depth increasing from 9.1 cm to 10.2 cm

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Traditional Spuce & Cedar Top

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