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Double Top

Koumridis double top guitars are marked by exceptional clarity and a powerful sound with melodic, creamy trebles and deep bases. The top is made with a nomex core, sandwiched by two layers of cedar. After the installation of the innovative Carbon Frame the weight of the guitar is 1900 gr. The sides are laminated so that the energy produced by this extremely flexible top is not transferred to the sides. The rich, crisp sound of these instruments resembles that of a piano, as much as a guitar, and their capacity to produce a big sound is unmatched, even with normal tension nylon strings. Because of the effortless feel of the fretboard, regardless of strings used, and its ability to produce a rich sound and a big volume with remarkable ease, many professional soloists have chosen the double top as their main instrument for practice and concert performances.

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  • Western Red Cedar double-top with nomex core

  • Carbon Frame

  • 650mm scale length, 20 frets

  • Cocobolo rosewood back and sides

  • Elevated fingerboard

  • Armrest

  • Spanish cedar neck, Ebony Fingerboard

  • Carbon bar neck reinforcement

  • Bridge : Indian Rosewood Tie block: 12-hole type

  • Finished with Shellac or oil on top, Nitrocellulose Lacquer on back & sides.

  • Alessi H5 tuning machines

  • Weighs approximately 1900gr.​(carbon frame)


  • Action height at 12th fret: 1st string – 2.9 mm 6th string – 3.8 mm;

  • Neck thickness: 1st fret – 21.5 mm ,9th fret – 23,5 mm

  • Total length: 99,8 cm

  • Body length: 48.4 cm

  • Body width – upper bout: 28 cm

  • Body width – waist: 23.9 cm

  • Body width – lower bout: 37.0 cm

  • Body depth increasing from 9.3 cm to 10.8 cm

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Double Top

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