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The Lattice bracing model is based on Australian philosophy guitars, made with balsa and carbon bracing and with the innovative addition of Carbon Frame weighs now 2300gr on average. The Lattice Concert Classical model has a contemporary, powerful voice and equal volume everywhere on the fretboard. It is extremely powerful and responsive, even to the lightest touch. The sound is full without losing the quality and the…

Double Top

The basic characteristic of double top Koumridis guitars is the volume and the sustain combined with melodic creamy trebles and deep basses. Double tops are made with nomex core and cedar. The projection and the almost endless limits of volume of this instrument makes it to resemble more to a piano than a guitar. The play-ability of these instruments is…

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Spruce and Cedar 

All Koumridis traditional instruments are inspired by Daniel Friedrich guitars, for their projection their sound and their aesthetics. The guitars are made with laminated double sides to ensure the minimum of energy is lost from the vibrating top into the sides. A guitar for concert performance must be able to produce the desired sound without effort. From the clarity, sustain,…

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