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Carbon Frame

The carbon frame represents a patented innovation conceived by two distinguished Greek guitar luthiers, Koumridis and Madimenos. This groundbreaking development is the culmination of years of meticulous research and countless iterations aimed at enhancing the inherent acoustic qualities of the guitar. A plethora of diverse materials were meticulously examined before opting for carbon, primarily due to its remarkable attributes: featherweight construction and its remarkable malleability that remains impervious to temperature fluctuations or the inexorable passage of time.

The formidable challenge lay in devising an uncomplicated and cost-effective method for shaping the carbon frame without the constraints of rigid moulds. This methodology allowed for an unprecedented degree of customization, permitting us to tailor the frame's configuration and dimensions to harmonize seamlessly with each unique guitar model.

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We have successfully implemented the carbon frame across the entire range of Koumridis guitar models, attesting to noticeable enhancements across various sonic dimensions. These improvements encompass augmented volume, sustained resonance, improved sound projection and an enriched tonal depth. Also this technique affords the distinct advantage of reducing the instrument's weight. For instance, in the case of the traditionally constructed lattice-braced model, the standard weight typically hovers around 3500 grams. The integration of the carbon frame in this particular model remarkably reduced the weight to a mere 2300 grams while simultaneously augmenting sonic qualities. A similar transformation occurred with the double-top model, where the weight was substantially reduced from 2600 grams to a mere 2100 grams.

The underlying principle of this innovation hinges on the carbon material's exceptional rigidity. It effectively prevents the dissipation of vibrations from the guitar's top, as these resonant waves remain unhindered by the sides or back of the instrument. Consequently, the carbon frame bolsters the overall structural integrity of the guitar, allowing the top to vibrate freely, akin to a resonant drum or a high-fidelity speaker.

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However, it's crucial to underscore that this technique is a mere fragment of a comprehensive array of enhancements we have incorporated into Koumridis guitar designs over the years. Notable innovations include the integration of double sides and an array of nuanced adjustments to elevate the guitar's natural sonic characteristics. The cumulative result is an auditory experience that has left countless guitarists astounded, often thinking that the instrument has a direct connection to a powerful amplifier.

This prodigious success has led us to integrate the carbon frame into all Koumridis models, and we remain committed to an ongoing quest for refinement and the introduction of pioneering concepts in the realm of luthiery. Our enduring passion for this craft serves as a wellspring of inspiration, continually propelling us to cultivate new ideas and perpetually advance the art of guitar craftsmanship.

We wholeheartedly invite you to visit our workshop, where you can personally experience the transcendent qualities of our guitar models. Numerous guitarists, who have journeyed through the exquisite resonance of a Koumridis guitar, proudly bear testament to the transformative nature of this experience.

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